Kapha - Nutritional Recommendations

The following article will illustate how to create and counterbalance the overly dominant Kapha dosha with proper nutrition.

Kapha Characteristics

People with a strong Kapha characteristics tend to have a weak digestive fire. Therefore, waste products are easily stored in the body, which in turns caused weight loss problems.

Kapha disorders lead to persistent fatigue, depression or water retention. Stress, anger or other disturbing situations result in over indulgence of large amounts of food or excessive consumption of sweets.

People with kapha characteristics often have a hard time dealing with major changes, are often slow and phlegmatic. Minimal modifications in terms of diet can have a great impact and lead to more ease. However, this needs to be addressed in small steps. 

Hot spices such as chilli, turmeric, coriander, garlic and fenugreek seeds aids stimulating digestion. Heavy foods such as cheese and sweets should be avoided. 

Tips for Balancing Kapha

Take your time to eat consciously and reduce meals to three times per day.

Food that stimulate the metabolism and bitter foods are preferred (radicchio, chicory, fenugreek, etc).

Only fresh fruits and warm water should be consumed through 11 am. This stimulates the digestive fire.

Exercise regularly, preferably 30 minutes daily.

Lead a more active life.

Do not sleep during the day.