Ayurvedic Oil Pulling - Detoxification & Care

In ayurveda, oil pulling is integrated morning routines, because promotes health by ridding the body of toxins.

Detailed descriptions around Gandusha are found in classic ayurvedic scripts. When practiced regularly, oil pulling helps strengthen both the jaw and voice, the sense of taste improves, plaque is prevented, gums are strengthened, pain is soothed and the appetite is promoted. Daily use also prevents dryness of the mouth and cracked lips. 

These positive effects are achieved through binding liposoluble substances, including toxins and waste products, found in the oral mucosa. Ganduscha is therefore a beneficial detoxifying method that is often recommended to people following an unhealthy diet and/or lifestyle, which includes consuming large quantities of alcohol or smoking. 

Pure and organic sesame oil is best suited for oil pulling, however coconut or olive oils can be used. Ghee is often used when the mucous membranes are damaged or irritated. Ready to use oils specifically used for oil pulling is also an option. Special medicinal oils are used in the case of diseased oral cavities, in which case it is advised to seek a practitioner who is familiar with the ayurvedic teachings.


Cleanse the tongue using a tongue cleaner.

Place one tablespoon of oil in the mouth and let it rest for at least five minutes, pulling the oil through the interdental (tooth) spaces every few minutes. Do not swallow the oil. 

Spit the oil out after a maximum of 20 minutes.

Rinse the mouth with a glass of water. 

Follow by brushing the teeth as usual.