Ayurvedic Food Combinations

There are a variety of mouth-watering dishes, however, some of these delicious meals may cause digestion problems after consumption. Why does this occur? And why does it occur only when certain foods are consumed? Ayurveda has the answer: it is the combination of certain food sources that result in food not being digested properly. 

Everything that is consumed, affects the digestive fire (Agni) in one way or another way. Certain food do not taste the same because they possess a different composition of properties and other characteristics. When these food properties are combined, Agni is weakened and the interaction of the doshas is disrupted.

When these food sources are consumed individually, they can still be healthy. Once they are combined incorrectly with one another, toxins may arise in the body. If the body is unable to break down these toxins, this can have have an unpleasant effect. Bad or incorrect eating habits can lead to fatigue, nausea and acid reflux, or diseases such as metabolic disorders, weight problems, gastrointestinal disease and so on. Conversely, the correct combination of food is guarantees a healthy digestive system.

The following food combinations should be avoided:

  • Avoid hot food or beverages after having consumed cold drinks or food.
  • Do not drink cold milk. It is also important to avoid certain mixed drinks composed of milk and fruits. These interfere with digestion, blocking blood and lymph vessels, which can lead to diseases and skin problems. In addition, milk should not be consumed with meat, fish, yoghurt, radish, garlic, green leafy vegetables and salt. The addition of spices can promote digestion: ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and turmeric.
  • Never combine lemons with cucumber, milk, tomato or yogurt.
  • Honey should never be consumed in equal proportions to butter. That is highly toxic. Honey should also not be heated.
  • Eggs are not a good combination with cheese, fish, bananas, melons, milk and meat.
  • The nightshade family (tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant) should not be consumed with meat, fish, cucumbers or dairy products.
  • Avoid combining meat with milk, radish, sprouts, honey and sesame.
  • Starchy foods should not be combined with fruit, milk and eggs. Moreover, starch and fructose should not be combined. This will result in sluggish digestion.