Live Better For Longer With Ayurveda

The holistic approach of Ayurveda aims at the prevention of sickness and disease and not on treating symptoms. Four areas are particularly important.

Not nearly fifty years ago it was believed that an adult's attainable age and the aging process in itself were determined by genetics. Whether you bear your age well and follow an active lifestyle or age rapidly was believed to be dependent solely on the individuals DNA. This approach, we now know today, is not correct. 
Today most scientists believe that only approximately 30% of the aging process can be traced back to genetics. The remaining 70% are determined by the type of lifestyle followed. Thus, how we age and our longevity lies in our hands. The good news is that each of us are responsible of taking care of ourselves. 

The genes only account for a portion of our lifespan. The remaining factors mentioned below are crucial for enjoying a long and healthy life:

Diet & Nutrition:

We know that today's fast food lifestyle can lead to sickness. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is always the healthier option. It does not mean to say that we should renounce everything that is unhealthy but it is important to find the right balance. 
Tip: do not overindulge. A third of your stomach should remain empty after a meal is consumed so stop when you feel satisfied but not full. 


Exercise is one of the foundations of healthy living and the lack thereof can have a negative impact on our body and well-being. It provides a balance which actively contributes to stress reduction. Exercise channels trapped energy that can then be used up. 
To benefit from the positive effects you need to exercise regularly. Set a goal to exercise at least three to four times a week for 30-40 minutes.
Modern sports science has now discovered what has been known in Ayurveda all long: overexertion does more harm that good. It is advised to view exercise holistically: train the muscles, endurance and flexibility in a balanced way.  


This factor is essential especially in Ayurveda. Detoxifying the body on a regular basis eliminates toxins, ensuring long-term health and well-being. General health and well-being benefit from the detoxification process since the concentration of harmful substances are reduced. 


This area can be divided into stress management and regeneration.
More than a quarter of all people in the developed world suffer from exhaustion i.e. burnout. Some believe that more than 70% of sicknesses and ailments is a result of direct or indirect stress. Relaxation techniques such as meditation, chi ging or autogenous training can help reduce stress. 
Regeneration also comes into play. It is essential that we as individuals take time out to regenerated the body and mind. This includes getting sufficient sleep as well as taking time during the day to unwind. The average amount of sleep has decreased b ya full hour in recent decades due to an increase in pressure at work. This defeats the purpose, since sufficient sleep should account for one of our top priorities.