Govinda Soap Nut Liquid Detergent

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A combination of a newly developed organic detergents in conjunction with the natural ingredients of soap nuts.

Excellent washing results even at low temperatures. Contains vegetable soaps made from vegetable oils and detergents based on protein and soap substances (saponins) contained in soap nuts.

Due to its high saponin content, soap nuts are an excellent detergent and 100% environmentally friendly!


Water hardness 4-5 kg ​​of laundry
soft 60 ml = 1 1/2 caps
medium 80 ml = 2 caps
hard 120 ml = 3 caps

Brand: Govinda
Additional Information

Ingredients:> 15% <30% soap, 20 - 50% organic plant soap, 10-15% Soap nut extract, 2-5% polyaspartate, 2-5% ethanol dent, 1-2% trisodium citrate, <1% sodium chloride, ad. 100% water.

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