ELIAH SAHIL - Organic Care

Cosmetics in plastic-free packaging & not tested on animals

The zero-waste brand ELIAH SAHIL makes certified vegan natural cosmetics out of a deep commitment to nature and people. Their cosmetics are not only super gentle on the skin, but also on the environment. This is apparent from the fantastic ingredients used and in the excellent packaging concept where all their products are packaged in aluminium containers that can be refilled or packs that can be completely composted. In addition, the company does not use conventional paper labels and instead uses an innovative stone-ground flour solution. These require 80% less water to produce and best of all, no trees need to be cut down! With ELIAH SAHIL you are treading on the right path. Each product is based on many years of experience and research and promotes sustainable and social projects all over the world. The "Blühende Wiesen" (Blossoming Meadows) project for bee protection is just one of many. If you are interested in honest natural products in their purest form, these products are just right for you.

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