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In Ayurveda, baths (Avagaha) or rain baths (showering - or bathing in the rain) are very popular and include the three components: herbs, mud and ash. Our skin is a complex cleansing organ and should be bathed or showered at least once a day. Herbs, mud or ash are preferably incorporated into the cleaning process.

Usually, before bathing/showering, you should massage your skin with a body oil that is tailored to your respective Dosha type.

Warming baths that make you sweat are even better than a shower. You can also add essential oils to the bath, depending on your needs. Herbal baths not only warm the body, they also reduce the Vata Dosha. Hot herbal foot baths can work wonders, especially during the change of seasons. Rub your feet dry and massage with a specially selected oil. Browse our category and find everything you need for baths that leave you feeling fresh and new!