Michael Droste-Laux Michael Droste-Laux Alkaline Precious Stones

Acidity reversal due to osmosis effect.

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The Alkaline Precious Stones by Michael Droste-Laux stands for cleansing, freshness, moisturization, radiance and suppleness. The complexion is left beautiful, silky soft and pleasantly odourous. Pamper yourself with this medicinal, pH-balanced bath. Enjoy the feeling of the suppleness of the three precious stones, aquamarine, rock crystal and rose quarz, in water.
Accompanying the therapy of: cellulite, muscle tension, tension, perspiration of the feet and sensitive skin.

The effective pricipal of the versatile pH-balnced bath is simple: The skin has a direct connection to the connective tissue. When taking the pH-balaced bath, a onesided diffusion occurs in the semi-permeable membrane (only permeable on one side). After approx. 15 minutes, acidic solution molecules diffuse in the increased pH-balanced conentration. Toxic substances and acidic valence in the hypoderm, connective and fatty tissues are released, due to the hydrostatic high pressure and are properly leached out.
Michael Droste-Laux Alkaline Precious Stones assures good skin-tolerance and is suitable for the skin care of children. It id free from animal substances, colourants, fragrances, perservatives and petroleum derived products.

  • Produces pH values of between pH 8,5 and pH 9,5
  • Optimal alkalinity, like that of the amniotic fluid of an expectant mother
  • Neutralizes the organism via the skin
  • Supports the self-regulating function of the skin
  • Provides absolute suppleness
  • Relaxes when exercising & faced with stress
  • Registered as a medicinal product

pH-Balanced Bath: Add 3 tbsp. to a full bath. Water Temperature: 36-37,5°C. Duration of bath: 30-90 min. and longer. This medicinal product stimulates the natural phsiological regulation processes of the skin as a whole. Take 2 full baths per week for 45-90 minutes and preferably rest thereafter.
pH-Balanced Foot Bath: Add 1 tbsp. to one foot bath. In addition to the health benefits, a foot bath also ensures beautiful looking and groomed feet. Before going to bed, the foot bath will promote sleep; during summer a cool foot bath can be very refreshing and invigorating. 3-5 foot baths are recommended per week, during the day or nighttime, between 30-60 minutes.
Baby Bath: Add 1 tbsp to the bath water.

pH-Balanced Massage: Skin should be moistened with warm water. Place a small amount of the Michael Droste-Laux Alkaline Precious Stones between the palms of the hands - hands will become pleasantly warm - massage neck, shoulders, arms, bottom, thighs, feet and stomach gently, until the fine crystals dissolve. Subsequently, rinse under the shower. Experts use the Michael Droste-Laux Alkaline Precious Stones for massages and blend it with their special oils.
pH-Balanced Rinsing: Add one teaspoon of the Michael Droste-Laux Alkaline Precious Stones to one liter of lukewarm water and swirl the mixture by hand. Cleanse the body with the mixture, especially under the armpits as a deodorant refresher. pH-Balanced application is specially recommended for athletes, expectant mothers, women undergoing menopause and mental and physical overexertion.

Brand: Michael Droste-Laux
When to use: In the evening
Additional Information

Ingredients: Sea salt, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Carbonate, Himalaya Salt, natural Minerals, Aquamarine, Rock Crystals, Rose Quarz. Free from preservatives, colourants, fragrances, animal substances and mineral oil products.

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