Kräuterwerkstatt "Lugnasad" Wheel of the Year Herbal Candle

Lugnasad - Assumption of Mary or start of the harvest

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The "Lugnasad" wheel of the year herbal candle contains herbs such as lavender, yarrow, mugwort, mullein, rose and clary sage. These are herbs that are particularly important for the Lugnasad annual festival marking the start of the harvest season, also known as the Assumption of Mary. In nature, many fruits are already ready to be harvested. It is important not to miss the harvest and to prepare for the upcoming change of season (end of summer).

Note on the medicinal herb candle:

  • The Allgäu medicinal herb candle consists of 100% vegetable stearin and a mixture of plants, healing herb essences and essential oils tailored to the respective life theme. The candle has an effect similar to a fine incense.
  • It was designed in such a way that as the candle continues to burn a wafer-thin outer edge remains rigid and holds up the candle, preventing drips. Still, be careful to avoid drafts!
  • Burning time: approx. 40 hours
  • Ø approx. 45 mm
  • H 18 cm
Brand: Kräuterwerkstatt
Types of Products: Decorative Items
Product Features: Reduced Plastic

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