Dr. med. Ehrenberger - Natural Products in the Highest Quality

Dietary supplements made in Burgenland, Austria

Even as a young doctor, Dr med. Michael Ehrenberger recognised how important the interplay between nature and medicine is. With this insight, as well as years of experience and dedication, these unique dietary supplements were created.

  • All products are manufactured and processed in Austria in southern Burgenland.
  • The capsules are handmade without the use of machinery.
  • In this way, the dietary supplements meet the highest standards.

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Quality You Can Feel

Dr Michael Ehrenberger set up a company in southern Burgenland that's dedicated to the development, production and sale of natural food supplements that meet the highest quality standards as well as the needs of the human body. Above all, they meet the following criteria:

  • Are made in harmony with people and nature
  • Are purely herbal products (except krill oil)
  • Use medicinal herb knowledge proven effective by scientific studies
  • High bioavailability
  • Gently processedd
  • Use 100% natural raw materials from all over the world
  • No artificial additives used
  • 100% no animal testing
  • No co-formulants
  • Sustainable production

Dr. Ehrenberger products have several certifications, including being vegan certified, having the Austrian organic seal and the EU organic logo. They have been created in close cooperation with therapists, pharmacists, doctors and end customers for over ten years.

Innovative, Meaningful Recipes

  • Many people nowadays live out of touch with nature and fall into a way of life that doesn't meet their needs. For this reason, Dr Ehrenberger only uses naturally grown raw materials that either come from residue-controlled cultures or from wild collections. Their ingredients have been used in homoeopathic treatments for thousands of years.
  • In addition to the natural raw materials, the special manufacturing processes also contribute to the high quality of the products. Methods used for production range from traditional processing methods such as distillation and cold extraction to natural methods such as CO2 extraction. These gentle methods allow the best parts of the plants to be used.

Sustainability - Added Value for People and the Environment

  • Dr Ehrenberger treats nature with respect. Sustainability is very important to the company. The products are carefully encapsulated by hand in the in-house factory in Burgenland. They are packaged in an environmentally friendly manner and are shipped in a climate-neutral manner.
  • Using hand-operated filling systems protects the environment and enables an extremely high density of active ingredients per capsule, as synthetic additives such as magnesium stearate and lactose are not necessary.