Michael Droste-Laux Deacidification Starter Set

Basic deacidification and cellulite removal concept

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A Starter Set for Basic Deacidification

  • Michael Droste-Laux is one of the leading specialists in the field of deacidification, detoxification and natural cosmetics. The recipes for the products are based on the basic medical research of Prof. Dr. Alfred Pischinger.
  • As early as the 1950s, Dr. Pischinger demonstrated that numerous cell diseases are prefer an acidic cell environment.
  • The acidification of the connective tissue has many causes, many of which can be avoided. Our overall health and ageing process is also impacted by the health of our connective tissue.

The Concept

  • Michael Droste-Laux uses a deacidification concept based on certified basic natural cosmetics.
  • With this detox starter set, you'll get 3 coordinated products that initiate the regulation of the acid-base balance.

The set regulates the acid-base balance through 3 coordinated products for optimal neutralization.

  • Michael Droste-Laux teas dissolve acidic deposits and support kidney function through their strong basic effect.
  • The vegetable granules neutralise acids and support a healthy diet or stages of weight lost and fasting by supporting the body with trace elements and natural foods.
  • The basic gemstone bath salts ensure an all-round radiant appearance.


  • 300 g gemstone bath salts
  • 100 g flower tea
  • 160 g vegetable granules
Brand: Michael Droste-Laux
Types of Products: Set
Dosage Form: Tablet
Product Features: Wild plants

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