Start the Day Right - With Ayurvedic Oral Hygiene!

Start the Day Right - With Ayurvedic Oral Hygiene!

Even after completing the daily body routine in the morning, alertness really only shows its face after the third cup of coffee. If this sounds like you, why not start standing up earlier in the morning and following an Ayurvedic oral hygiene routine? The result is almost instant: noticeable changes in circulation and digestion, and increased energy and well-being. Not to mention a radiant complexion and healthy teeth.
Caution: this lifestyle may become your daily regime!

Bad breath was yesterday - today, Ayurvedic oral hygiene is the way to go! Rising early is important because the positive forces are at its strongest then, according to many Indian yogis. Then it is time for scraping, rinsing, gargling and oil pulling ... To remove the waste from the mouth, throat and nasal cavities that were accumulated overnight. A few meditation exercises will get the metabolism going.

Kapha accumulates during the night, especially in the head and chest area. Therefore, many people have the urge to cough right after waking up - prepare a thermos with hot water or herbal tea and place it on the bedside table and drink a few sips upon after waking.  

Kapha also accumulates on the tongue in form of unpleasant odour deposits. These can be removed using a  tongue scraper (or small spoon) and scrapping from the back of the tongue forward. It will take up a bit of time, but one quickly gets accustomed to the routine. 
Follow up with oil pulling: Take a sip of quality sesame oil or mouthwash oil and moved it back and forth, inside the mouth for a few minutes. Then spit it out and rinse the mouth using warm water. This removes toxins from the mouth, gums and teeth. 
Use a Nasal Douche (Neti pot), filled with warm salt water to rinse the nasal cavities. 

Repeating this Ayurvedic morning hygiene routine on a regular basis, ENT symptoms and allergies are most likely to improve, gums and teeth are kept healthy, the enzyme system will be strengthened and the voice maintained.