Meditation Trains the Mind - Ensuring Pure Bliss!

Meditation Trains the Mind - Ensuring Pure Bliss!

What has been known in Ayurveda for thousands of years and described in ancient Sanskrit texts, is now also being studied by Western science. With increasingly amazing results: Meditating is not only good for the brain and mind but it is also beneficial for performance and happiness. So what exactly is meant by meditation?  

Meditation means retiring one's mind from everyday life, focusing on one's self while being in a comfortable position. One can draw upon a meditation cushion or simply sit on a hard chair or even meditate on the floor ... It is important that the back is as straight as comfortably possible, otherwise the body distracts the mind from meditating. Not everyone is a yoga master who feels comfortable in a cross-legged position for half an hour or longer...

Another important fact: One should not be disturbed and should have the feeling of perceiving the surrounding environment as being a pleasant one. At least, when the ability of feeling comfortable and switching off in any environment is lacking. 

Once you have found a comfortable position in a quiet place without any disturbances, what happens next? That's right, thoughts start rushing to the foreground, and before long, you will be overwhelmed with thoughts surrounding your everyday life, problems you are currently facing, fears, worry .... This is the case with almost everybody who is meditating for the first time. 

When the phenomenon of your own, uncontrollable rush of thoughts become present, you are one step closer. You become more aware which leads to starting the meditation process. Let your thoughts in but do not hold on to them. When yo begin to sense that the thoughts want to take the upper hand, simply shrug it off. Practice this exercise again and again. It is a marvelous feeling when the exercise fist pays off. Paying attention smooth and even breathing can be helpful.

Modern science believes incorporating rest periods, relaxing one's thoughts and clearing the mind is beneficial. Ridding the mind of these waste products also rids the body of negative energy. Constantly being faced with problems, fears and worry causes negative energy, whereas releasing these thoughts makes way for positive energy.

Not only does it train the mind, but it also promotes happiness, health and performance. What was noted in Ayurvedic writings thousands of years ago is still relevant in this day and age. It comes done to practice!